Our Farms

Our farms located in various regions in our country Egypt, are registered and certified organic  at Egyptian Center of Organic Agriculture " ECOA" and currently cultivating more than 500 Hectares.

All kinds of organic herbs , spices and seeds are all grown over the summer and winter seasons.

Inspection and auditing are done regularly to ensure compliance with the provisions of Regulations ( EC) 834/2007 in comination with 889/2008, as well as the additional provisions of Naturland, National Organic Program NOP, Japanese Agricultural Standard JAS and Bio Suisse Standards.


Farm Name The Quantities by Hectares EEC-834/2007 regulation NOP/USDA JAS
El Menia Farm 150 yes yes yes
Al Fayoum Farm 100 yes yes yes
Beni Suef Farm 200 yes yes yes
Assiut Farm 50 yes yes yes